Nate Ober

Technical Project Manager

Hello, reader. I am a tech-savvy, results-oriented, proven technical project manager, change agent, and customer advocate. Always working to improve communication, transparency and ultimately customer satisfaction, I offer a problem-solving first approach, while providing positive leadership and customer empowerment. I excel in an environment with diverse stakeholders, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic requirements.

Senior Technical Project Manager

American Institutes for Research
August 2013-Present
  • Requirement collection, analysis, design and development.
  • Manage estimation and budget development processes.
  • Perform project planning, tracking and status reporting.
  • Interact with customers to gather requirements, troubleshoot issues and manage expectations.
  • Technical writing and editing of promotional materials, training materials, RFP responses and other request responses.
  • Work with limited direction, within a complex and sometimes ambiguous environment, to produce rigorous, fact-based analysis and recommendations to senior management.
  • Deliver a branded and fully customized user experience on a fully integrated software product for diverse stakeholders.
  • Introduced Scrum Agile product development practices.
  • Introduced and integrated new project management software and trained technical project managers of other teams in its use.
  • Matrix-manage multiple development teams consisting of contractors, permanently assigned developers and members of cross-functional teams.
  • Introduced streamlined release scheduling, automation, and deployment practices.
  • Analysis and configuration using SQL; limited JavaScript development and code reviews for engineers.
  • Production support and maintenance of deployed applications.
  • Review and revise requirements, configuration, and training documentation with customers and stakeholders.

Supervisor, Software Development

State of Utah, Technology Services
April 2013 – August 2013
  • Supervisor of the BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wage iQ and Expo Projects.
  • Team Management including recruitment, mentoring, training, performance management and talent retention.
  • Worked closely with BLS stakeholders and iQ team to define system requirements, establish project plans, negotiate contract deliverables, assist with implementation, determine infrastructure requirements, and meet project milestones.
  • Supervise support agents and maintenance engineers for the BLS EXPO mainframe system.

Technical Project Manager
(Education Specialist)

Utah State Office of Education
April 2007 – April 2013
  • Requirement collection, analysis, design and development.
  • Managed estimation and budget development processes.
  • Performed project planning, tracking and status reporting.
  • Technical writing and editing of promotional materials, training materials, and technical requirements portions of assessment related RFPs.
  • Direct managed contracted development and QA teams.
  • Trained teachers and administrators on quality use of UTIPS, formative and summative assessment data throughout the State of Utah.
  • Soup-to-nuts software development. Managed hardware including servers, firewalls and switches; operating systems, web and database server applications; and contributing to the development of Perl and JavaScript applications.
  • Analysis using databases, programming languages and data-analysis suites.
  • Write technical requirements within requests for proposals.
  • Built a team of contracted engineers, local staff, and volunteers.
  • Implemented from-scratch Agile development practices with test-driven development, continuous integration and client-transparent development cycles and priorities.
  • Provided a technical interface and level head for assessment systems product vendors.
  • Succeeded with limited direction in a politically charged, complex and dynamic environment.

Bachelors, English Literature

University of Utah, 2004

Associates, General Science

Salt Lake Community College, 2002

Teaching License, Programming

Salt Lake Community College, 2008

Project Management Software

MS Project, Version One, FogBugz, Accompa, Pivotal Tracker

  • Microsoft Project

    I use Microsoft Project to establish budget estimates and schedules to provide an initial and very high level set of requirements to be approved by management before establishing detailed requirements.

  • Version One

    I use Version One as a way of communicating detailed user stories, scheduling sprints, tracking testing, and reporting progress.

  • FogBugz

    I use FogBugz as a way of communicating a global feature backlog, to perform bug tracking, and to track work performed against our Mercurial repository as it relates to the resolution of bugs and the development of features. During a recent release, I wrote a migration script in JavaScript to move data related to the current development sprints from Version One to FogBugz.

  • Accompa

    I write software requirement specifications in Accompa.

  • Pivotal Tracker

    I used Pivotal Tracker as a method of tracking the feature backlog, organizing sprints, and tracking bugs for the UTIPS Core program.

Computer Programming Languages

JavaScript, C#, Bash, PHP, Perl,

  • JavaScript / jQuery

    As a long time web developer, I have been using JavaScript since 1998. I am comfortable performing code-reviews in JavaScript and have found myself committing the occasional JavaScript to production products. Since the deployment of Google Docs app scripting, I will often use JavaScript as a method of performing routine email maintenance in Gmail as well as cleaning my Google contacts and performing complicated spreadsheet operations.

  • C#

    The Utah State Office of Education, State of Utah (Department of Workforce Services), and AIR are all C# shops. Since 2005, I have written tens of thousands of lines of C#.

  • Bash

    I know it's not really a "programming language", but I feel as comfortable in Bash as I do in a GUI environment. Using a Mac as my primary work machine for the past 6 years, I tend to automate as much as I can using Bash commands.

  • PHP

    Though I started writing server-side code in Perl and C-CGI, I quickly moved to PHP starting in about the year 2000. Now-a-days, when I need to write a personal website, or I need to help out a friend, I will start with Word Press and then customize it with PHP. I also write automation scripts for my Mac using PHP because it is so forgiving and easy to use.

  • Perl

    I began using Perl in 1999 to build web sites and manage client lists and databses. Over time, I moved away from Perl and into PHP along with much of the open source community. However, because of it's handling of regular expressions and list processing abilities, I found myself coming back to Perl later in my career. I wrote several utility applications to support the UTIPS Core application while I was working at the USOE and still use it today when I need to perform large scale text manipulation.

  • VB.Net

    I developed the original UPASS reporting application in VB.Net.


MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase

  • MySQL

    As an independent contractor, I relied on MySQL as the go to database for all web applications that I developed. I have regularly built shopping carts, extended Word Press, and created other database driven products using MySQL.

  • PostgreSQL

    Beginning in 2007 I inherited the original UTIPS program that utilized Postgres. I worked with another developer to optimize the database schema, wrote utility programs for configuration, access and reporting. I was also responsible for installing and configuring Postgres on both CentOS and Ubuntu.

  • MS SQL Server

    Since beginning work at AIR in 2013, I regularly configure systems, generate reports and troubleshoot issues with our implemented software using database queries. As far back as 2005, I was using MS SQL Server at the Utah State Office of Education to build database driven and dynamic reporting applications using MS SQL Server. I have installed and configured my own instances of SQL Server and configured SQL Server on Windows Server for use in production environments.

  • Sybase Server

    As an Education Specialist at the Utah State Office of Education, one of my responsibilities was to create structured and ad hoc reports using Sybase. I also wrote the UPASS reporting application using the Sybase data warehouse at the USOE.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X

  • Microsoft Windows

    I am proficient with configuring and managing Windows Servers and Windows Desktops. For the UTIPS programs, I managed several Windows Server implementations for IIS, Microsoft SQL Server and VMWare Central Server. I have also worked in various flavors of Microsoft Windows both professionally and personally.

  • Linux

    I am proficient in the command lines of Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, and SuSe. As a contractor and for the UTIPS programs, I installed, configured and managed LAMP Stack; Node.JS; Cold Fusion; Postgres; Git; and various other networked servers. I often write management scripts to perform routine maintenance.

  • OS X

    OS X is my preferred work operating system. Because of the ability to easily script most applications using Applescript and Bash, as well as the default Linux applications like git, vim, emac, etc., it has been my primary Operating System for the past 8 years. There are limitations to OS X, like the inability to use Visual Studio natively. I get around these limitations by using VMWare running a Windows VM.

Office Software

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint (as well as Google and Open Office equivalents)